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Self inflating chair

Always a firm cushion
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During my mid morning nap this came to me in a dream.

The chair has an inflatable cushion.

In each leg there is an air compressor.

Every time you sit down air is compressed and a small computer keeps the cushion on your desired firmness.

zeno, Mar 27 2009


       Ahh, my desired firmness - how I miss her so.
zen_tom, Mar 27 2009

       George thinks this would be an excellent feature for his inflatable doll.
vfrackis, Mar 27 2009

       I think the chair should explosively inflate, like an air bag. It could be stored in the seat of one's pants. One would then deploy it as one prepared to sit in a previously chairless space.
bungston, Mar 27 2009

       where is the "firmness" going that it needs such constant refurbishment?
WcW, Mar 27 2009


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