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Self Leveling Garden Chair

A garden chair which has self-adjustable legs
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You know what I mean, don't you? You take the chair in the garden and either have to put up with one leg dangling in the air, or you have to get down and dirty fiddling with those screws.

Why not create a relatively simple mechamism to auto-adjust a couple of the legs? (You typically only need to adjust one, but let's assume two in order to cover most situations and make the product more marketable.)

gutza, Jul 14 2005

Automatic Super Level Glides http://superior-com...leveling_glides.htm
Put these on your chair or table and they will automatically re-adjust for level every time the furniture is moved. Probably fine on dry ground or uneven rocky surfaces. Probably not so good in mud. [jurist, Jul 14 2005]


       Automatic self-leveling glides exist. [link] You probably already have some on your washing machine. The ones in the link could be installed on many designs of chairs.
jurist, Jul 14 2005

       Or only use three-legged chairs. The most stable configuration is three legs. Why don't we have three-legged garden chairs?
figmeant, May 27 2007

       When I sit in my garden chair on a recently-watered lawn the feet sink into the grass a little and Viola! it becomes perfectly level. Or level enough. Okay, sometimes it takes a couple of tries. Doesn't that make this idea somewhat baked? I mean as long as the dirt is a little soft...
Canuck, May 27 2007


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