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Stool Bench

A high bar stool that can be laid sideways as a bench
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Have you ever been in a bar and the only stools left to sit on at a low table are the high bar stools? Wouldn't it be great if the bar stools had two seats on the side so that they could be positioned sideways to form a two seater bench at the low tables.

So you have a regular bar stool with a seat on top, but it has two sideways seats too. When it's turned sideways, two people can sit on it at the level of the small table stools.

waltzer, Nov 01 2004


       How about companion stackable, lockable mini stools, for when the tables are empty and the bar is packed.   

       Bars are helluva dirty, though. Fagash, bookies lines, vomit, blood all come together to make a fairly sticky bouillabaisse that would ruin fabric topped stools. So the stools have to be something wipeclean and broken glass resistant. Croissant.
calum, Nov 01 2004


       turn it around 180deg and have a bench for little people to stand on and mebbe eventually get served wih a drink.
po, Nov 01 2004

       I'm glad I don't go to [calum]'s pub.
angel, Nov 01 2004

       [calum] - it's time to change pubs. (+).
neilp, Nov 02 2004

       If the tall stools posts came up and over to make low, level arm rests they would act as a base if it were stood on end. The tall stool's flat bent base would then make for taller arm rests on a lower stool by placing a padded upside down seat on the underside of the cross bars.

Next round is on you.

       If you turned the stool upside down, could it be used as a bucket should you feel the need to relieve yourself?
hippo, Nov 02 2004

       Here I was thinking you meant the 'other' stool. I'm not sure I'd want a bench made out of stool !
Gridley, Nov 02 2004


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