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Spreadfighter chair

End that spread!
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Many have noted the persons with sedentary desk jobs tend to become more "broad in the beam" over time. BUNGCO logicians have determined that this is because of the long hours of pressure on the backside from the chair, making the bum wider and wider with time.

The Spreadfighter chair changes the angle of support. Instead of pressure directly from below, tending to make the bum wider, the Spreadfighter is shaped like a V. This compresses the hips from the sides, allowing the desk worker to retain his or her slim, girlish figure.

Some need an ounce of prevention, and some a pound or more of cure. The Spreadfighter has an adjustable angle to accomodate the trimmest of bottoms, or one which has suffered the effects of years of conventional seating.

bungston, Dec 19 2005


       [Has a vision of the huddled masses being shaped like turnips, not pears. Faints.]
DrCurry, Dec 19 2005


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