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Zen Selfie

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Take a photo of something - anything at all, it doesn't matter - and call it a 'selfie'.
hippo, Sep 07 2015

single-user_20social_20network [hippo, Sep 07 2015]


       "I am a part of everything" may be Zen-like, but "I am everything" is just pure egotism talking. Is a gear the same thing as the whole clock? Nope!   

       You-the-part is a very different thing from "the whole", especially because of the huge degree to which the Universe includes "redundancy" (unlike individual clocks). It can get along just fine without you-the- part....   

       It seems logical, from the above, that a selfie always has to include you-the-part. So, a picture you remotely take of the Earth from space qualifies as a selfie, even if you are on the opposite side of the planet from the camera. But a picture taken from the ground, of the sky, that doesn't have any speck of "you" in it, is not a selfie.   

       I suppose the preceding means I'm not a fan of Zen. Hmmmmm.....
Vernon, Sep 07 2015

       //a selfie always has to include you-the-part//   

       Unless its a selfless selfie.
FlyingToaster, Sep 07 2015

       A photograph always includes within its text - which is broader than the image - an element of the taker. If you were not there, not there with your camera, seeing the image and taking the photograph, the photograph does not exist. The narrative represented by the photograph includes you. Thus, all photos are selfies. The difference between these types of selfie is that only in one is your duckface explicit.
calum, Sep 07 2015

       That depends on how you define what you mean by a photograph.
xenzag, Sep 07 2015

       [calum], I will agree with much of what you wrote, but there are occasional situations in which there isn't any "you" associated with a photograph. Imagine telling your phone to capture moving images, and then you accidentally drop the phone without realizing you dropped it, say while attempting to put it in your pocket while distracted about something else altogether. Where is the "you" in the pictures automatically taken by the phone while it is laying on the ground?
Vernon, Sep 07 2015

       I love the concept of a "selfless selfie". Love that. Buns for [hippo] and for [FlyingToaster]
blissmiss, Sep 07 2015

       You could post your Zen Selfie on <cross-promotion alert> the Single-user Social Network </cpa> (see link).
hippo, Sep 07 2015

       //Where is the "you" in the pictures automatically taken by the phone while it is laying on the ground?//
It is a selfie of your butterfingers
calum, Sep 07 2015

       Well, y'never know... maybe once we figure out a way to look back at the universe from the outside we find out that we are all living on a sub-atomic speck of what turns out to be an entire universe for each consciousness, in which case, yes, a picture of anything would be a selfie.   


       Have the foto taken by a Swiss dwarf ?   

popbottle, Sep 08 2015


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