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Selfies with Netflix

Something new to do with your phone; generate conversation and internet content when you pose with what you like on the TV/screen appliance.
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Selfies with netflix: It is something new to do.

Is your favorite thing onscreen? Pose next to the TV, take a selfie, and, with image indexing software, have the content on the video screen automatically be crystal-clear at the photo created on the phone.

Fun social times: this is also a meme generator; people can have fun talking with each other in the living room about the effect of their posing with a dish of popcorn next to a superhero on TV. The photo on the phone is now produced with an amusing AI generated caption. Different props, poses or expressions at the selfie (combined with the context of what's showing on the video) cause the AI to write different funny things.

As far as I know this is a new kind of conversation-piece fun.

Favoring beneficial utility, this TV selfie thing could be psychologically enhanced to generate words at the images that reduce tension, increase levity, and prevent partner violence.

...and Flanders (Simpsons) might like it! They could quantify the psychology of family togetherness and have the AI load up the conversation-piece memes with things that when created cause quantitatively greater family togetherness.

beanangel, Jan 06 2019


       With an easy app, the selfie could be -in- the Netflix episode.
RayfordSteele, Jan 06 2019


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