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Shelf Life

Everybody's milkin' it nowadays, anyway; why not get yours!
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I don't know how they missed this one ..

Reality TV is saturated with cornball entertainment. I think it'd be at least a little more entertaining to see wanabee artists (who's material never did quite make the cut back in the day) get their second chance at a spot in the limelight.

Can you imagine Gramps bellowing out an old ode to his first love? Come on guys! I'm sure you have something worth dusting off!

Macdaddyx1, Jul 04 2008


       Well, now that the worldwide economy is officially in the toilet, it may be well worthwhile revisiting this li'l half baked brainfart of mine ! Come on! Where's your Woody Guthrie spirit?
Macdaddyx1, Dec 29 2008


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