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"Someone's At the Door" Phone App

Want to roam out back while waiting for that package delivery? There's an app for that.
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How many times have you wanted to hop away for just a minute or hang out in the backyard while having to wait for some delivery person, service technician, package to sign for, or other known visitor who is scheduled to be arriving at some non-specific time of day?

Nobody likes having to be trapped indoors for 12 hours, just in to wait for some signature-required delivery, just so you don't have to reschedule it or head over to the dreaded UPS facility to pick it up.

I'd like a smart phone application that I can download to notify me via phone when my front doorbell has been rung. The application could be switched on or off at any time, and be set to any sound (such as "ding-dong" or "hey, get the door!" or whatever) or/and any customizable text message with vibration notification.

I haven't figure out the science of how the doorbell detection part would work, but perhaps a companion piece of technical hardware could be developed to work via cell or wi-fi signal and send me a notification when pressed.

With this application, you'd be free to do some weeding, hang the laundry up to dry, or gather up the garden's harvest while you wait for whatever it is for which you stayed home that day.

Perhaps the application might have additional uses for detecting visitors or deliveries that occur while away from home, whether traveling or just down the street. Or, perhaps you'd like to know when your teenager arrives at a friend's house.

Techies: can this be done? If so, do it!!

XSarenkaX, Sep 08 2011

xkcd: "Delivery Notification" http://xkcd.com/921/
THIS is why we need this app! [XSarenkaX, Sep 08 2011]

Doorbell Email Doorbell_20email
<shameless self-promotion> Half-baked albeit in the days before apps [stupop, Sep 09 2011]

Bbc news - boy invents iphone doorbell app http://www.bbc.co.u...uk-england-13686546
[Dub, Sep 09 2011]

Multiple door bells http://www.flickr.c...7590@N00/6133229837
[Dub, Sep 10 2011]

Cloud doorbells http://www.doorbell...ugust-doorbell-cam/
All the cloud doorbells I could find have video as well, but they probably can do this. [caspian, Sep 30 2016]

Gentleman Caller ID Gentleman_20Caller_20ID
[theircompetitor, Sep 30 2016]

Pretty close: Hear the Chime. Talk on your phone. http://dingproducts.com/
The Ding Smart Doorbell lets you speak with the person at your door, wherever you are in the world. {Hi John & Avril} [Dub, Oct 08 2016]


       Thanks for the thought. Yes, could definitely do with one of those right now. I was thinking some kind of safe deposit box into which the shopping, herb delivery and DVD could all be inserted. Also known as a PO box come to think of it. Video entryphone and remote control latch into a porch, i think.
nineteenthly, Sep 08 2011

       How about a door-affixed piece of paper with "I'm in the garden - call 1234 5678912"? Obviously, you would only use such a note if your number were actually 1234 5678912, but the note could somehow be customized for your own use.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 08 2011

       [MaxwellBuchanan]: Yes, your paper invention does seem like it would also be effective, but here's the thing. Am I here, there, or anywhere at any particular time? If I step out for a minute, I don't want to have to rewrite the note, take it down, put it back up, or whatever. After initial set-up of the phone app, all I need to do is turn it on until the arrival of the person/package, then turn it off. It's not dependent on my current status.
XSarenkaX, Sep 08 2011

       P.S. [MaxwellBuchanan], I'm sorry you're now bitter. Just read your profile.
XSarenkaX, Sep 08 2011

       [XSarenkaX] you have a valid point.   

       Plan B: buy a second mobile phone. Nail it securely to your front door. You can then text your current locationabouts to this phone, providing a handy-dandy updateable display.   

       As for the bitterness, thank you. But remember - most great inventions (the shark-mounted laser; the disintotron; the remote sphincter relaxer; the antigravity toilet) came from bitter and twisted minds.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 08 2011

       I crave bitterness and am bitter, so there you go [MB], we do have something in common. Does that make it bittersweet?   

       Currently considering buying a "first" mobile.
nineteenthly, Sep 08 2011

       I'm waiting for the link 21 will shortly put up so I can download this.
zeno, Sep 08 2011

       [MaxwellBuchanan], in my part of the world I now have to dial 1 before the 123 456-78910.   

       [zeno], you're too funny.
normzone, Sep 08 2011

       //[MaxwellBuchanan], in my part of the world I now have to dial 1 before the 123 456-78910. //   

       For a small fee, I can have my people draft a customised note to deal with that.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 08 2011

       [Max], you should be careful about mentioning the fact that your family still own large numbers of serfs. Even in your part of the planet, it's now technically illegal.
8th of 7, Sep 08 2011

       I love all the links. I had a hard time finding anything on whether this may be baked or in the process of being baked. Thank you!
XSarenkaX, Sep 09 2011

       How about ... ohhh I dunno ... two wires and a bell in the garden?   

       //[Max], you should be careful about mentioning the fact that your family still own large numbers of serfs. Even in your part of the planet, it's now technically illegal.//   

       That's OK. He doesn't *technically* own them. There's a trust in the Bahamas, see.
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 10 2011

       I think I've seen a collection of doorbells on a country pad , one rang in the house. The next in the garage, the next in the shed... If only I'd taken a picture....
Dub, Sep 10 2011

       My grandfather had a big electric bell out in his workshop, wired to a button press in the kitchen.
pocmloc, Sep 10 2011

       "There's someone at the door, Neil"
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 10 2011

Dub, Sep 10 2011

       I do appreciate the other ways to solve the problem, but I do really like the phone app idea. Besides the original inspirational use, there will be other interesting uses that come up.
XSarenkaX, Sep 10 2011

       I voted, but forgot to comment here. I commented on facebook in the bakery group, so I thought somehow, magically, that comment would end up here too.   

       Anyway, great idea, and I'd love one.
blissmiss, Sep 10 2011

       U do get your forums mixed up my love - must be our hb age!
po, Sep 10 2011

       Mayhem! It's just what [blissmiss] ordered! And thank you. ;)
XSarenkaX, Sep 10 2011

       Hang a small card on the door saying 'Give me a miss call on ........, I am around"' or something like that.   

       This would work like a bell if you don't forget to take you mobile phone with you.
hamadeh, Sep 30 2016


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