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Semi-Automatic Cat Slapper

A device for the dispersal of gentle discipline to troublesome house cats.
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A small device consisting of a tension spring, a suction cup, a small rechargable battery, motion sensor, and a small, soft, hand-shaped paddle. Placed ontop of televisions, desks, china cabinets, and bookcases, the Cat Slapper prevents cats from perching at these locations.

The operator of the Cat Slapper winds up an internal spring, and secures the device to a flat surface using the suction cup attachment on the bottom of the unit. When a cat comes within range, there is a 10 second delay, and the hand begins making rapid swatting movements for a few seconds to shoo the cat away. Cats don't like to be slapped on the bottom, so, they would run away and find somewhere else to perch.

When triggered, the energy released by the wind-up spring that drives the swatter arm is partially recovered and used to recharge the battery.

By virtue of using the suction cup, the Cat Slapper stays in place while slapping the cat, as opposed to just pushing itself away.

The speed of the swatting action can be varied using a simple friction clutch.. more clutch tension for small cats, and less tension for very large, very fat cats that may need considerable force to dislodge.

Bowie23, Aug 23 2006


       Perpetual Motion Semi-Automatic Cat Slapper?
ldischler, Aug 23 2006

       But what about United States Patent 5103769? The patented device is a pet deterrent much like this one, although it is elastic powered and gives the cat just one big boff. Your battery powered multi-hit swatter would be a better deterrent for the determined pet. Please go ahead and build me a dog-sized version as well: I need one for my couch.
Heathera, Aug 23 2006

       The sheer number of applications for such a device are only exceeded by it's entertainment value.   

       A cat, placed within a rectangular array of cat slappers positioned around the base of treadmill could provide a cheap source of alternative energy, and reduce fossil fuel consumption world-wide.
Bowie23, Aug 23 2006

       [Heathera], why is your couch trying to perch on top of the TV?
egbert, Aug 23 2006


       Out of the job plumber utilises a certain tool in order to dissuade cat from filching sandwiched sardines.
skinflaps, Aug 23 2006

       /When triggered, the energy released by the wind-up spring that drives the swatter arm is partially recovered and used to recharge the battery./   

       Lose this bit and you've got my vote. A device that uses electrical energy to create motion, which in turn charges a battery, is most disagreeable.
Texticle, Aug 23 2006

       The wing-up spring is the device that causes motion, not the battery. THe battery is just there to power the motion sensor.
Bowie23, Aug 23 2006

       So what good is continuing to sense motion after the slapper's wind up spring is spent?
Texticle, Aug 24 2006

       I think you need to lose the recharging battery with the spring part (use an external charger), make the battery bigger, and then use the battery after it slaps to re-wind the spring. Otherwise, the owner would need to re-wind the spring 5-10 (or more times per day)
wolstech, Aug 24 2006

       If you use the battery option, would that make this a fully-automatic cat slapper? Because I could use a fully-automatic cat slapper but a semi-automatic cat slapper just won't do. And I'll need a cat silencer as well, you choose the method of implementation. +
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 24 2006

       I thought this was going to be a way to trian your cat to slap other people for you, but only on command. Oh well, I'd much rather see a mechanical arm slap a cat than a cat slap a human being. Bun [+].
Hunter79764, Aug 24 2006

       Yes, 'semi automatic' and 'cat' in the title had me rushing here too....
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 24 2006

       [Texticle] The entire energy stored in the spring wouldn't be released all at once. There would be enough there for maybe half a dozen or so swatting sessions.
Bowie23, Aug 24 2006


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