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Tiger Cat

Some manipulation of cat DNA to produce a cat that looks a tiger
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For those who think of tigers as beatiful animals, and would like to have your own tiger pub. Make changes to common household DNA of cat, to produce a cat that looks like a small 2 months old tiger when fully grown, with striped orange/black coat, or bengal tiger look. This way you can have a cat around your home that looks like a small tiger.
romanmar, Nov 18 2004

Geoffroy's Cat http://www.blueplan.../geoffroy's_cat.htm
1 [contracts, Nov 18 2004]

Bengal Housecat http://www.petpeopl...les/cats/bengal.htm
2 [contracts, Nov 18 2004]

Toyger http://www.toygerbreed.com/about.htm
This idea, baked. [wagster, Nov 18 2004]

Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger http://www.austmus.gov.au/thylacine/
To clone or not to clone. [jurist, Nov 19 2004]

For jurist http://www.ctnow.co...v18,0,5882018.story
And may all bridges burnt, be constructed with better wood... [blissmiss, Nov 19 2004]


       Why GM? Why not just breeding? I get the feeling our Genetic Magic here on Earth hasn't advanced far enough to paint a cat.
contracts, Nov 18 2004

       As [contracts] points out, the genetic alterations are easier to achieve with breeding than with GM. That's why it's already been done (see link - Toyger).
wagster, Nov 18 2004

       animal + animal = yawn (except if it's a panther and tarantula)
benfrost, Nov 18 2004

       Careful with those genetic modifications. You might end up with something like a Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger: a carnivorous marsupial with tiger stripes and a canine-like head with unusually wide-opening jaws. In fact, since the species is believed to have become extinct in the last century, genetic scientists are now trying to clone the animal from residual DNA samples.(link)
jurist, Nov 19 2004

       -j, I read an article today, that the woman who has been searching for this beast, actually now has a photo. It was in today's Courant. I'll see if I can find. (And btw, it's nice to have words with you again.)
blissmiss, Nov 19 2004

       Well yeah, I read the article, but the point being...I was thinking *you* were the Tasmanian Tiger, and now I know you are not.
blissmiss, Nov 19 2004

       Though seemingly not pertinent, sudden oak death must have you a little worried.
bristolz, Nov 19 2004

       Uh... however cryptic you think you may be, pertinent oak, and I, are family, or should I say familiar?
blissmiss, Nov 19 2004


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