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Timed Cat Flap

Cat Flap with timer
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Pete and Dud the kittens have now got to the age where they are allowed out, in the hope that they will stop shredding wallpaper and will learn to poo in the neighbours gardens. Whilst they are allowed out during the day, we want to keep them in overnight.

Our cat flap has four settings: open both ways, in only, out only or closed. I tend to change the setting to in-only when I get in from work at about six in the evening. However, there are times when I may be delayed, perhaps by a few unplanned beverages, and therefore I would like my cat flap to be attached to a timer, so I can ensure that at a certain hour, the catflap will switch to in only, keeping the cats in for the night.

A variation would allow you to set the cat flap when you go away overnight, ensuring the cats are kept in from 6pm and are then allowed out again from 8am the next day.

hazel, Dec 23 2003

Image recognition for cats http://www.quantump...rol/flo_control.htm
[hazel, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

I thought http://www.halfbake.../Timed_20Flat_20Cap
you meant this. [neilp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

someone's almost got this into the oven http://michael.sprague.name/petdoor/
but it's by no means baked. [neilp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       how do you know they are in at 6?
po, Dec 23 2003

       Is time important? Tie it to a photo sensor that switches at sunrise/set. You don't have to set the clock for anything and it is easier for the cats to understand when it is time for the last visit to the neighbor.
kbecker, Dec 23 2003

       It's a good point [po]. I'm just going by the habits of our particular two - they get the dinner on by the time I get in from work.   

       Perhaps this is therefore fatally flawed. Bum.
hazel, Dec 23 2003

       //they get the dinner on by the time I get in from work.// are we still talking cats? mine have done fk all around the house when I get back.
po, Dec 23 2003

       au contraire - controlling the ins and outs of cats is an excellent idea. one of mine has made it her life mission to drive me insane!
po, Dec 23 2003

       Wishful thinking [po]. They are busy cats, spending most of their day chasing leaves and sleeping. Oh and leaving hairs on things.   

       An alternative is the image recognition software, but I think actually my first variation would work - with the option of a daylight sensor which would remove the need to change the timer during the year. It's primarily something to salve my conscience for spending time in the pub instead of rushing home to look after their every need.
hazel, Dec 23 2003

       face it [girlfriend], the cats *allowed* you to go to the pub, not the other way round. + for the idea.
jonthegeologist, Dec 23 2003

       And here was me hoping for something that slammed shut when the little bastards were halfway through it ..... shame. Good idea, but lacking that essential element of pointless cruelty.
8th of 7, Dec 23 2003

       Come, come, [8th] - shirley something that detects incoming cat and then hurls it backwards whence it came by a deft flick of the catflap.
PeterSilly, Dec 24 2003


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