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Session Sign-On

Option to sign in without leaving permanent cookie on computer
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I have been using a lot of different PCs in a shared environment lately, and I have found that I haven't always remembered to log out from the Halfbakery at the end of my session.

So, could we have a "log in this one time only" option?

[This is, of course, far from an original idea: most non-confidential sites give the option of logging in for the session or forever.

hidden: that feature is available for the sites I write, since cookie are validated by the server, although I limit the function to admins.]

DrCurry, Oct 24 2005

Please log in.
If you're not logged in, you can see what this page looks like, but you will not be able to add anything.


       Whew, that explains that piezzoelectric shaver idea.
theircompetitor, Oct 24 2005

       I was wondering a while ago about the practicalities of having a button to sign a person out from all other computers where they were signed in.
hidden truths, Oct 25 2005

       The only technical way of making that work I can think of would be session timeouts - I think single-login interactions are quite rare, and you'll want to edit that annotation/post/link. You could trigger an inactivity timeout at time of sign-in.   

       I can't justify the extra text field/button in the user interface, though. Hm.   

       Have a halfbakery.com/DrCurry URL that asks for your password with that parameter implied? I guess it depends whether you're coming in via google or via typing the URL.   

       This should also be a browser option - run in some sort of "burst identity" mode where all your stuff gets reset after a period of inactivity.
jutta, Oct 26 2005

       Not having to log in every time also has certain disadvantages: finally forgetting/mislaying the password.
Ling, Oct 26 2005


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