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rotary car phone

Use an old phone in a car.
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Wouldn't it be fun to use an old "Ma Bell" or candlestick phone in a car? My idea adapts a modern cell phone and cigarette lighter jack to power a rotary phone. Use a bunch of logic gates or a BasicStamp to interpret the rotary pulse and control the ringer. Solder the digital controls to the buttons of a used cell phone. To be safe (and to make a lot of fun noises), use a relay and resistor for each button on the phone. Power the POTS phone with a modified inverter. The program or logic set-up would have to provide for sending and ending, of course. This idea probably wouldn't work well with the recent PC-like generation of cell phones. I would love to be driving down the road and hear a real bell ring. My passenger would answer and say, "Sir, you're wanted on the ether."
JohnnyE, Apr 14 2004

Implementation 1 http://www.e-potpou...tooth-connectivity/
250$ at Sparkfun [loonquawl, May 28 2009]

Implementation 2 http://www.todayand...ary-cellular-phone/
[loonquawl, May 28 2009]


       +, just because I like rotary phones.
5th Earth, Apr 14 2004

       Mobile rotary pay phone. 35 cents please.
homemadex-raymachine, Apr 14 2004

       cellphone in old phone is variously baked: [link];   

       Basically, google for the terms : cell phone rotary
loonquawl, May 28 2009


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