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Sharky's Food Bob Restaurant

America's Answer to Sushi Boats
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Overhead conveyors with dangling lines draw a variety of delicious morsels slowly through the air in front of the patrons. The patrons, seated or mingling, can converse and at their leisure lean forward and bite off the morsels of preference.

Ocean resorts, with lots of marine sport enthusiasts, could feature seafood but anything that holds together is fine. Slabs of pork, croissants, orbs of custard or baked chicken - the sky's the limit. The house specialty would be succulent sausages twisted into the shape of scuba divers, by balloon artists, and sheathed in a very thin layer of sweetened neoprene - for a geniune Sharky experience.

Upscale Food Bobs would have glass ceiling aquariums for a more elegant ambiance. Portable systems could also be built so that you could have a Food Bob in your own back yard for wedding receptions or other joyous events. Wear a bib.

If nothing else this would make a fun scene in a movie (credit me, please).

CecilL, Oct 04 2005

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       Who's Bob?
Texticle, Oct 04 2005

       Bob's yer nuncle.
normzone, Oct 04 2005

       Would you have to listen to Teenage Kicks all the time?
Gordon Comstock, Oct 05 2005

       //succulent sausages twisted into the shape of scuba divers// Don't eat the crunchy bits on their backs - they make you fart.
coprocephalous, Oct 05 2005


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