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Underwater Wonderland

Restaurant that simulates being underwater
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There is actually a restaurant that is underwater somewhere under Europe. But who here in America have the money to go to Europe, plus the money to go to an underwater restaurant? Solution: Underwater stimulation restaurant. As soon as you walk in, it's like you've just plunged into the ocean. Wall-to-wall aquariums, aquarium on the floor. Great for non-swimmers. You don't even have to touch water. And as for the cuisine, none other than fish! Could even be near water, to deepen the effect.
jjbabygurl, Sep 26 2005

The Maldives http://honeymoons.a....com/b/a/163849.htm
The "first" underwater restaurant, which we linked to here before. [DrCurry, Sep 26 2005, last modified Sep 30 2005]

Eilat http://www.redseast...m/restaurant-en.php
The "only" underwater restaurant. Clearly the real world does not follow the Halfbakery rules. [DrCurry, Sep 26 2005]


       It's probably bias to vote for my own idea, but hey what do I care?
jjbabygurl, Sep 26 2005

       Young lady, welcome to the halfbakery. Nice design idea, and it certainly would be stimulating to the senses, as you cleverly point out.
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 26 2005

       While plenty of people in America have the money to go to Europe, I think they will still be disappointed. The only underwater restaurants I could find were in Israel and the Maldives.   

       Moreover, if you are in St. Augustine, Florida, you are well situated to build a real underwater restaurant. I'm not sure of the Jacksonville demographics, but you would certainly find takers if you went further south, or to the Keys.
DrCurry, Sep 26 2005

       I'm so glad you didn't say New Orleans [DrCurry].
hidden truths, Sep 26 2005

       I think you meant "simulation" [jj].
DocBrown, Sep 26 2005

       .. and you_do_ understand than when you tie up your pretty pony outside this restaurant...it will only_appear_to drown as you eat your happy meal... if your simulators are working properly?
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 26 2005

       First of all, Dr. Curry, I didn't intend to build the actual restaurant at all, and if I did I certainly wasn't intending on building it in Florida, a state almost completely surrounded by water. The idea was more for people who don't have waters by them. And furthermore, I knew that there wasn't a restaurant in Europe, in fact I've heard of the restaurant you were speaking of, but unfortunately I couldn't remember the exact place while I was creating the idea, and didn't have a laptop by my computer to look it up while I wrote.
jjbabygurl, Jan 14 2006


       Baked in Mission: Impossible. The restaurant in the opening sequence....
Minimal, Jan 16 2006

       //Restaurant that stimulates being underwater// sp "simulates"
Or possibly, "A restaurant that, being under water, stimulates".

<pedant> //Wall-to-wall aquariums// Wall-to-wall aquaria </pedant>
coprocephalous, Jan 16 2006

       I'm sure she meant what she said.
neilp, Jan 16 2006

       About 40 years ago I had a similar idea but instead of aquariums the restaurant would be in a thick transparent plastic tent enclosing an air bubble under the sea close to the shore where colorful fish swim naturely. The customers would have to enter the tent through an airlock at the end of a short tunnel from the entrance at the beach to the entrance to the restaurant.
JSand, Jan 30 2007

       Nice so far as it goes, but it needs more: waitstaff dressed in diving suits, fake fish hanging from the ceiling (onto which wave refractions are projected), 'seaweed' sprouting from the sandy floor and perhaps part of a sunken ship and pirate's treasure for colour.
Ninjacrat, Feb 01 2007


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