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The Fishing Boat

Freshest Seafood Ever!
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The Fishing Boat restaurant is located next to a beautiful country lake. You begin your meal with a lakeside view, enjoying appetizers and buttered rolls. You are also given a menu with three or four types of fish which are found in the lake, and you choose your favorite.

After you finish your appetizers, the seafood course begins. For this exciting part of the meal, the tables are rowboats! You and your party are seated in a rowboat, and the captain rows you out onto the lake.

Then the waiting begins. Hopefully, the fish are biting today! Once the captain (who is also a chef and a waiter) catches a fish of your chosen variety, the fish is prepared and cooked for you right in the boat. The boat has a little kitchen in it, and the captain has brought along all the dishes and place settings you will need to enjoy your fish at its freshest.

Then it's back to the restaurant for desserts and coffee. Your original table is waiting for you.

phundug, Nov 14 2003


       Nice tasty Great White please chef!
skinflaps, Nov 14 2003

       If you can't guarantee a meal, people aren't going to be overly enthusiastic about eating at your restaurant. You may want to include some rebreather-equipped scuba divers to attach fish to the patrons' lines... That way you could bill them by the size fish they caught!
Condiment, Nov 14 2003

       Oh, we guarantee a meal. However, in case the service happens to be a bit slow, we don't recommend dining here if you need to catch a movie or a plane afterwards.
phundug, Nov 14 2003

       Well, sorta-baked here in So Cal....steamed is probably the correct term. My friend and I scuba dive off his boat, and have lobster for lunch, with salad and margaritas. Ahh, it's tough being poor in So Cal.....just imagine what life would be like if I made it into the middle class.
normzone, Nov 14 2003


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