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Look a bit more like an animal.
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Ever seen a programme on how they do hair implants? It's pretty gross to be honest - they chop out a tiny little square of scalp containing a single follicle, and then push it into a pricked hole elsewhere on the head. This idea just involves taking hairs from somewhere on your head and implanting them on the face. I thought that a good pattern would be a line going from eyebrow to sideburn. If done well I think it could look quite cool. Or quite hideous. Could go either way.
sild, Jun 05 2003

Face http://phreeque.tripod.com/jojo.html
that's you that is [Mr Risk, Oct 04 2004]

I Dunno http://www.townisp....sheazy/facebrow.jpg
There’s somethin’ creepy about it [Shz, Oct 04 2004]

Um, if we're doing hair implants http://moniplex.com...main.php?picture=40
...you got any to spare? [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Illustrative "History Today" link http://www.micaelit...orytoday/mwe2.shtml
So very off topic. [my face your, Oct 04 2004]

The Nuge http://www.artistdi...186/c186584mv9b.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. I see plenty of people who look like this in everyday life . . . well, I guess doing it intentionally is a new idea.
phundug, Jun 05 2003

       Coincidently I was at a hair transplanters this very morning. Unfortunately this did not occur to me where the hell were you 6 hours ago -1.
Mr Risk, Jun 05 2003

       Heh, was that a Fast Show reference I heard in your link description [Mr Risk]?
RoboBust, Jun 05 2003

       //that's you that is//
Is, to my ears at least, a Newman & Baddiel reference, being the catchphrase from their popular, if desperately samey, "History Today" sketch, recreated in student unions all up and down the land, until 1997.
my face your, Jun 05 2003

       Bugger, that's actually what I meant. Don't know how I confused them. Meh, I like 'em both!
RoboBust, Jun 05 2003

       Shz - hey, that's the serial rapist they were looking for here a year or two back - you know him?
DrCurry, Jun 05 2003

       Nah, it’s just that clairvoyance thing kickin’ in again. - I hate it when that happens.
Shz, Jun 05 2003

       Mr. Risk: You're page's down because of exceeded bandwidth. Tripod also forced 3294 popups down my throat, even though no page loaded.
Cedar Park, Jun 06 2003

       Odd - that site offered me no pop-ups, and I'm pretty lax about spyware / anti-virus security.   

       Strange, Curry, that pic looks a lot like YOU!
snarfyguy, Jun 06 2003

       well, my eyebrows almost go to my 5-inch long sideburns and my eyebrow is a uni-brow, so am I screwed?
dickity, Oct 10 2003

       *strokes his sideburns forward a bit* - hey! - they meet up! dickity has beat me in the 'burn category though.
Herbicide, Apr 14 2004


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