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Sheet magnets

Stay warm!
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Sleepers! Do you wake shivering, with the sheets around your ankles? Do you wake with a python-like sheet twined about you? Does your bedmate scoop up the sheets and leave you exposed? BUNGCO is here to help.

Introducing Sheet Magnets! The Sheet Magnet set comes with a custom mattress pad. On this pad are long pockets into which slide formidable magnets. Slide them out to wash the pad. Corresponding magnet strips stick to those in the cover sheet, pinning your top sheet down securely. Now the denizens of your bed can scoot around as you will, with the doughty magnets ensuring that you stay sheet covered at all times.

Buy now and get the Sheet Magnet expansion magnet for free! Within the mattress pad is an optional center pocket. Use this pocket to divide one bed into two sections! Perfect for dividing one bed to accomodate 2 kids - or provide protection from a long-toenailed kicky spouse.

bungston, Feb 28 2005


       Spoken like a true baker.
bungston, Feb 28 2005


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