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Shocking Car Stereo

A car stereo that shocks people when they try and change the station.
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I listen to classic rock in my car because I like it. It is my car, and my stereo. I cannot stand it when passengers reach over and change the station, thinking I would automatically agree that their taste in music be superior.

I propose a button, out of reach of the passengers, that locks the stereo, and engages a system that gives them a slight, lightly painful electrical shock when they try and fiddle with the stereo.

ben_krak, Jun 19 2004


       Or just a button that deactivates the main buttons. Still, agree with the principle of the thing.
harderthanjesus, Jun 19 2004

       This view of days past is provided to you courtesy of the "random" button.
normzone, Jul 18 2014

       There should be a similar shock attachment to that too.
pocmloc, Jul 18 2014


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