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recordable car stereo

AM/FM cassette car stereo with record function
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How many times have you been listening to your car radio (sporting event, interview, talk show, music etc.) and arrived at your destination and have to make the decision to either sit in the car and listen or get out and miss the rest or the program? If you had a car radio that could record you could just pop in a blank tape and set it to record so you could listen to it later.
Cynically Depressed, Dec 19 2001

Car cassette recorder http://www.jackberg...tereoRecordDeck.htm
Your wish is my search command . . . [bristolz, Dec 20 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Or you could build your own . . . http://www.tanashin.co.jp/tn-21zlg-e.htm
[bristolz, Dec 20 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Another car cassette recorder http://www.jackberg...rder-PlayerDeck.htm
[bristolz, Dec 20 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Pogo Products "Radio Yourway" http://www.pogoprod.../radio_yourway.html
Looks like this is coming out at the end of May (2003). Although I'd rather have a car-stereo form-factor, this looks pretty cool. [e090, Oct 04 2004]

Automobile Radio Recording System http://adesigner.com/arrs
[tjb]'s link as a link [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

on MD instead of tape http://www.minidisc...com/MDX_C800REC.asp
[jpelectron, Oct 04 2004]


       I swear I remember seeing at least one car stereo with this feature 25+ years ago. Probably aftermarket. Probably illegal.
phoenix, Dec 20 2001

       Why "illegal?"
bristolz, Dec 20 2001

       Well, copyright issues I would guess. Like swapping MP3s.
phoenix, Dec 20 2001

       I do not believe recording off air is illegal, at least in the US, as long as it is for your private use and not used for public performance. I think it falls under fair-use (I could be wrong, though).
bristolz, Dec 20 2001

       Excellent first idea. I've been in the situation you describe, but had never thought of the solution you propose.   

       I also have often wondered why it's not a standard feature for a car stereo to allow a radio station to play while a cassette is being re-wound. I know some do have this feature, but it seems to me it should be standard. Or at least it should have been standard, because who uses cassettes any more?
beauxeault, Dec 20 2001

       Your 'Or you could build your own...' link is very 'all your base', bristolz...<grin> "Every vertical type and every horizontal type can be able to be chosenD"
StarChaser, Dec 20 2001

       The manual for my digital beta vcr says, on the warnings page, "Place hum not refrigerator near may humming result." Apparently the Sony folks don't proofread.
bristolz, Dec 20 2001

       I am prototyping one right now. The reason there aren't any is that one person holds the patent on it   

       check out http://adesigner.com/arrs   

tjb, Apr 05 2002


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