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streaming satellite internet audio for your car

For those channels that "XM" or "Sirius" just won't carry
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Satellite radio is a great thing. But what if you want to listen to a particular station in a particular city? Or something really esoteric like "Radio Latvia" while driving around rural Tennessee?

A lot of radio stations worldwide "stream" their content onto The Internet. Why not have a car radio that can pick up a satellite-broadcasted Internet broadband signal?

First, you would go onto a PC to that station's website and download the URL info needed to "shortcut" to the streaming audio portion of their website.

Next, you would go to a desktop program where you can name and assign the audio you want to link to (i.e.: KXYZ to pre-select 1, Radio Latvia to pre-select 2, etc.). Once finished, you would download this to removeable media (CD-ROM or floppy disc) and upload this to your car radio.

Then, as you drive along, you could press the pre-selects to hear your customized streaming audio anywhere you'd like (except for tunnels, of course!).

muzer, Oct 22 2003


       dunno who fishboned you, but i like this idea. could just work. re - sound quality. Replay at 48kps MP3 would not be a problem for AM stations, although FM might sound a little ropey.
jonthegeologist, Oct 23 2003

       The problem is this would be costly, as you would need a satellite downlink channel dedicated to each feed. If a whole bunch of people want to hear Radio Latvia, that works out great, but if it is just you then you're going to have to eat the cost of tying up that orbiting transponder 24 hours a day.
krelnik, Oct 23 2003


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