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Sholder Buttons For Smartphone Gaming

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When holding the phone sideways to play a game, it would be good if it had physical sholder buttons.

Usually these buttons in typical console games is for grenade and shooting.

So having these buttons, would allow for phone games to free up screen space that is usually for the trigger.

mofosyne, May 22 2018

Prior Art https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xperia_Play
The Sony Xperia Play had these (among other gaming features) [neutrinos_shadow, May 22 2018]

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       [Ian Tindale], must be a handedness thing. I generally turn my phone anti-clockwise if I need it in landscape (for taking photos, typically). However, an older phone of mine had a sideways slide-out keyboard that was a clockwise turn (HTC Titan (WinMo)).
neutrinos_shadow, May 23 2018

       When I had my first phone, Android (yes, the operating system, not the specific phone or a specific app) supported left landscape but not right landscape.
notexactly, May 25 2018


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