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Trudge Bunjers

Boots with bungees for trudging through the snow.
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I don't know if these would actually help, because there's no snow on the ground to test them in, but it seems to me that a pair of bungee cords connecting the loops on the heels of boots to the hammer loops on carpenter's jeans (or longer bungees to the back pockets if you don't have hammer loops) would help with trudging through deep snow, when suction can make it difficult to lift one's feet out of the snow with each step.

I do recall feeling somewhat lighter on my feet when wearing garter straps in the military (when wearing my dress blues), and this was inspired by those straps. The problem with garter straps, however, is that they can rub against the legs in a painful manner, so this goes outside the pants.

21 Quest, Dec 24 2009

Robotic suits http://www.sida.org...ng_mypaperpga11.jpg
A modern solution [Inyuki, Dec 25 2009]


       Removing your foot from the snow actually requires a vertical leg motion involving both the hip and the knee. This might not work as it would just bring the foot backwards. Can't know until you try, though.
DrWorm, Dec 24 2009

       Any motion study experts in the room? Or just somebody with a pair of bungee cords and some snow?
21 Quest, Dec 24 2009

       so at all times your legs would be pulled upward by the cords thus making it feel like you were carrying 40 extra pounds on your back and your legs working harder to keep you standing.

       why not put plates on the bottom that are spring powered that provide 40 lbs of lift?
Arcanus, Dec 24 2009

       2 pieces of twine with handles on one end and stirrups on the other.
FlyingToaster, Dec 25 2009

       Because my way would also help you stay in shape, Arcanus :D.

       FT, nice! That would probably work better...
21 Quest, Dec 25 2009

       [21 Quest] you get a bun for the title.
kaz, Dec 25 2009

       I tried anchoring a bodybuilding tool (a gum-like string) connected via rope (to reduce the force) to my foot and my shoulder, and it somewhat does help to lift one's feet up.
Inyuki, Dec 25 2009

       Surely, in the spirit of the HB, we should be proposing a small metal-lined recess in each heel, with a fuel injector and a spark plug, to help lift stubborn feet?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 25 2009

       No. Rockets ...
8th of 7, Dec 25 2009

       ... or turbojets?
pocmloc, Dec 25 2009

       Now that I think about it, this would work with a bit of effort to keep your foot forward. Have a retrospective bun.
DrWorm, Dec 26 2009

       Trudge Bunjers.... anagram of "rub stern judge"
xenzag, Dec 27 2009

       or "Jed Grunt Bus"
MikeD, Dec 28 2009

       burnt deer jugs

       a culinary embarrassment.
swimswim, Dec 28 2009

       //a culinary embarrassment //

21 Quest, Dec 28 2009

       Well c'mon now'n pull y'self up by y'own bootstraps. (+)

       Oh and, jung debut errs.   

       That reminds me of Baron Munchausen. A Halfbaker's film if ever there was one.
21 Quest, Dec 28 2009


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