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Toe Extensions

When the shoes you want are just too big
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Ever found the perfect shoe only to discovered its too big? Then simply slip on your ergonomically designed toe extensions and try on the shoe again. Obviously these would only 'realistically' work in .5 and 1 size.
Gregster, Dec 08 2004


       //Ever found the perfect shoe only to discovered its too big?//   

       That isn't perfect.
skinflaps, Dec 08 2004

       It is with 'Toe extensions'
Gregster, Dec 08 2004

       Why don't you just buy the same shoe......   

       but in a smaller size?
Belfry, Dec 08 2004

       Here I thought that this would be an addition to the Theory Of Everything.   

       well now [gregster], with a little tweaking this idea could work.   

       What if the toe extenders where equipped with a little rachet, then you could extend your toes to any required length.   

       Shoes only come in .5 and 1 interval sizes, but I would have thought that feet were less discreet. (Rather pleased with that sentence - bet I never get to use it again). With the rachet toe extenders, every shoe fits perfectly.
jonthegeologist, Dec 08 2004

       Belfry, it now appears that when you are starting at a shoe size of UK6 there is no smaller size!
Gregster, Dec 08 2004

skinflaps, Dec 08 2004

       Although the ratchet idea does make sense I restricted my 'design' to .5 and 1 size for the following reason. If you went any bigger I believe that the user would begin to experience difficulties with walking in a natural style and would also start to resemble someone wearing skis
Gregster, Dec 08 2004


       My idea for toe extensions has been born from my own personal experience of wishing to buy a pair of shoes to be told that they only begIn in size UK7. This [UK7] it now appears is the generic starting point for a gents shoe.
Gregster, Dec 08 2004

       Okee toeky.
skinflaps, Dec 08 2004

       My kid's big toe is (no joke) 1/2 inch longer than the rest of his toes. Extensions would actually help make his shoes fit better.   

       and thanks for the laugh.+
dentworth, Dec 08 2004

       how rude of us! Welcome to the Halfbakery, [gregster]
jonthegeologist, Dec 08 2004

       I know in America, the shoes you want only come in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14, but every other shoe in the store comes in half-sizes and six levels of width. Sounds useful.
phundug, Dec 08 2004

       Small, tough gel filled bags of varying volume. These would cater for different toe lengths as well as awkward length feet. Just remember to keep your nails well trimmed. They would also allow conversion from UK (imperial) feet to Europian (metric) shoes.
Belfry, Dec 08 2004

       Could pack some tissue paper in the toe (of the shoe, not the wearer).
nick_n_uit, Dec 08 2004

       Aw, I wish I could make use of a crafty little gadget like the toe extenders. But I need the opposite--not all shoe brands carry women's size 11 (although they're slowly catching on that more women have feet the size of California).
Machiavelli, Dec 08 2004

       Perhaps Gregster, shoes, like many other clothing items, should incorporate into their design some simple 'elasticated' side panels to allow for that little extra give when you need to move up a shoe size. Clearly the sole may also need to extend slightly but if the manufactures made the shoe with an extra curl up of sole to the front of the shoe this could help the extension process. As for moving down a shoe size I think ratchet toes are the only way fwd.
laughinboy, Dec 09 2004

       a male shoe below a 7 would be accomodated by child's sizes with the advantage of being zero-rated for VAT (Value Added Tax)
po, Dec 09 2004

       Those of us with big feet go on suffering.
harderthanjesus, Dec 09 2004

       No, no, no Po! I'm afraid that certain manufacturers of 'fashion shoes' are now of the belief [and I am sure they have carried out extensive surveys to clarify these lies] that gents of a certain stature i.e. UK6 don't want to wear their brand as they do not provide any shoes below that size [therefore children are missing out also]. If anyone from the shoe manufacturers is listening...don't do it for me, do it for the children.
Gregster, Dec 09 2004

       I must have a look see what the kids round here are wearing - pretty much fashion victims, all of them.
po, Dec 09 2004

       Remember though that I, personally, do not wish to wear trainers with flashing lights in the sole though :0)
Gregster, Dec 09 2004

       why not? how sad!
po, Dec 09 2004

       You are on the right idea but the wrong usage. Toe extensions need to be special-use. High-grip toes for climbing trees with your squirrel friends. Combat toes for slicing opponents in turf wars. Marital aid toes for..no, strike that one. Flipper toes for swimming or making wine. Disco light toes for walking home barefoot from the club. and so on.
moPuddin, Apr 02 2005


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