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Splitter website

Not packaged for individual sale splitter and reseller website
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WHEN I see "Not packaged for individual sale" on a product, something goes off in my head "Oh yeah! And.. And.. well .. Why Not?" The same bit in your brain that makes you want to park next to a No Parking sign. The contrary kid doing the opposite of what he is told to do.

The law about labeling and the product lawyers duck and cover response is the likely source for this phrase.

"Not packaged for individual sale" website would break up packs of 20 candy bars and sell you as many as you wished.

Must be aked somewhere.

(See I write aked, you contrary beast that you are want it to be baked.)

popbottle, Jan 25 2014


       Son, are you rowing with both oars in the water?
UnaBubba, Jan 26 2014

       It's a halfbaked idea for sure.
rcarty, Jan 26 2014


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