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Subscription Underwear

Underwear, socks by subscription
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Why only diapers by delivery? Why not new, packaged socks and underwear delivered directly to your home? What's nicer than the first time you wear a new pair of nice socks? Now you can have that feeling every day.

You communnicate your size / brand / style preferences to the service, and the van comes around once a week, month, whatever, bringing you and yours a fresh supply of clean, new underthings and picking up your worn supply. Putting on a couple of pounds over the holidays? Simply update your preferences.

This is obviously be a luxury service, as clothing is of course meant to be worn many more times than one. The service is geared toward an upscale market, one unconcerned with wasteful consumption. However, think of the benefit to the industries that manufacture these goods, and the jobs created for delivery people, stock managers, et al.

The used items could then be laundered and sent to the needy or burned as fuel or what have you.

snarfyguy, May 22 2001

InYourPants.com http://web.archive....ww.inyourpants.com/
Baked, baked, baked, baked, baked... [sirrobin, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Subscription Underwear. http://www.victoriassecret.com/
Well, mail order, anyway. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Worldwide sock subscription service http://sockrush.com/
4 pairs of short/long black socks every 1/2/3 months, $18.99 per delivery. [jutta, Jul 04 2007]


       Make the socks and underwear out of soft but durable paper and they'll be disposable. And it doesn't have to be a luxury service-- just have WebVan carry them.
ejs, May 22 2001

       This is nowhere near as exciting as the title led me to imagine it would be.
angel, May 22 2001

       I agree with Angel -- I thought this would be more like a service that sends you a monthly stipend of the latest fashions in under garments.
danrue, May 22 2001

       I would have put that idea, if I'd had it, under "Fashion." My idea was just for rich people who are too lazy to shop, or perhaps shut-ins / agoraphobics. In New York City, many of us have *everything* delivered...
snarfyguy, May 23 2001

       Ooh, [snarfyguy], [PeterSealy]'s in NYC, do you get *him* delivered?
angel, May 23 2001

       along the lines of [ejs] idea of paper underwear all the major underwear companies could start making paper underwear avaliable only over the net. You pay by credit card, insert the paper of you choice into the printer and print off fresh undergarments templates, you then slot/glue/sellotape them together and away you go. Of course this could lead to black market photo-copies flooding the markets but it would mean that you get the nice warm, fresh photocopier feeling.
roisin, Aug 25 2001

       how about Prescription Underwear?
Inestein, Nov 03 2001

       conscription underwear (only available in khaki)
po, Nov 03 2001

       I would like a subscription to Madonna's underwear, please.
DrBob, Nov 04 2001

       "Tired of getting your underwear off line? Get them online with us"!!!!
Helium, Nov 04 2001

       I think that is a hopeless idea gone very awry.
ploopyboy, Sep 18 2002

       could you send people that you hate (or that you are stalking) underwear?   

       Why would you send underwear to someone you hate?
notme, Dec 29 2002

       Used maybe?   

       I'm not sure I like the idea, as broached on Seinfeld, of my boys being where someone else's boys have been, especially some I don't even know. A tad creepy.
zenhead, Jan 10 2003

       The used underwear subscription is for your enemies. The original idea calls for daily new underthings for the subscriber.
snarfyguy, Jan 10 2003

       And just think of the marketing opportunities... Logos for major products, teams, etc... Sort of "ad-wear" versus "ad-ware". Maybe you want to send your alma-mater logo undies to the coach of the rival football team and have it delivered to the locker room by courier...
Dustoff, Sep 19 2003

       Thank you, [Dustoff] for dusting off this fine idea. I would sign up in a jiffy. Very comforting to get a clean pair of undies in the mail every day I should think. And maybe a fresh baked cookie. Well, maybe not... +
k_sra, Sep 19 2003

       I want a fresh baked cookie delivered every day. I'd just prefer it didn't come from the underwear truck.
oxen crossing, Sep 20 2003

       Under where?
k_sra, Oct 08 2003

       Under there. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Oct 08 2003

       The used socks could go to salvation army for some sizable tax breaks to the company...   

       And then the company could sell the used underwear in japanese vending machines to turn another profit!
ye_river_xiv, Apr 29 2011


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