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Short Flight Ski Jump

A more exciting ski jump.
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I don't know about everybody else but when ski jumpers are in the air, they get into a position and hardly move at all until it is time to touch down. All this effort is based on aerodynamics and trajectory, but if physical strength could make them go farther, that would make it less boring for me to watch (although, i've never really experienced snow).

The solution is simple, Wings. The wings are not to be humangous or fixed, but should be like cocoroach wings, fitted along the back until the olympian spreads his arms to his side, opening his wings, allowing him to glide. near the end of his glide, he would be able to flap his wings to get some more distance.

a twist! get the olympian up to higher speeds and make him fly through hoops or around or inbetween inflated pillars.

i might suggest a jet pack, but that's not very olympic-ish.

twitch, Nov 09 2006

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See my anno and the inevitable birdman link here. [Shz, Nov 09 2006]

Wingsuit Landing http://www.youtube....watch?v=tZizIbSpI-g
It was done over a year ago by Andreas Küttel! [brite_eye, Dec 30 2009]


       Almost 2 months and no comments! Why can't any of the great ski jumpers even attempt to try extending their distance with wings. Are they overly concerned with rules and regulations that might not record such attempts as new records? Such thinking is shear folly! Landing a wingsuit whether or not one is wearing fat jumping skis will be a huge turning point for human flight and being the first will last much longer in history than any ski jumping distance record.
brite_eye, Dec 30 2009

       I'm still investigating which candy manufacturer produces cocoroaches.
swimswim, Dec 30 2009

       YES! and every jumper has to have different wings and a suit to match, so they look like giant parrots, or eagles, or crows. go crow! and their skis have to be orange, and they have to wear three on each foot.
notripe, Dec 30 2009

       Please check out the Wingsuit Landing link over on the left side of this page.
brite_eye, Dec 30 2009

       shorely James Bond has baked this
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2009


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