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Stair Climb

Robotic Adjustable Stairs
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First introduce a new Olympic event "Stair Climb". Contestants have to run up a lot of stairs.

OK, now we need to have a very large set of stairs whcih we can alter the depth and hieght of the steps, perhaps even alter the pitch.

No we can have lots of heats with different step configs, with a random step wildcard event.

mattt, Feb 14 2006

Olympic ball-throwing Olympic_20ball-throwing
by hippo. [calum, Feb 16 2006]

Stair Climbing http://www.towerrun...m/english/races.htm
...is an established sport - all you need is a tower. I don't think adding sports to the Olympics amounts to much of a half-baked idea. [DrCurry, Feb 16 2006]


       The random element is an interesting one. I can only really think of sailing as an example of an olympic event in which there's any significant random element.
neilp, Feb 14 2006

       I always thought shooting was quite a random element to add to skiing.
Giblet, Feb 16 2006

       Get rid of the random and its actually less stupid and more relevant than some current olympic events. [+]   

       Incidentally, I climbed 1150 flights in one hour on the stair master last year in gym class. I also burned a quarter-pound of fat (800 kcal) and lost another two in water weight.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 16 2006

       To make it even MORE interesting, make every 50th step or so about half the size of the previous one, or twice the size. Imagine those times when you are walking down the stairs, thinking there is one more step below you, then trip and fall because there wasn't one? Or when you don't see a step in front of you and you trip on that? It would be comical to see athletes trip and fall down 40 flights of stairs, possibly dominoe-ing everyone else on the way down.   

       Yes, the skiing & shooting biathalon does seem odd - more like an audition for the next James Bond film than a sport. Slightly better matched would be ice dance and discus - Ice skaters manage to spin round very fast, which seems ideally suited to launching a discus. Downhill skiing and pole vault should be combined too.
hippo, Feb 16 2006


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