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I thought up what I thought was a decent original idea a few months ago and saved it for now because of how close the Olympics were.
As I'm typing it up I figured meh, I'd better google. Well it may be decent but not quite original.
Almost but not quite.

Dimpled suits for speed skaters, lugers, and ski jumpers. Any speed sport would benefit from lower air resistance and shave seconds from top times.
[link] maybe NSFW depending on your boss.

Thought y'all'd want to know.

Dimpled speed suits, fifth link down. It won't load properly when I try and link to it directly. http://www.google.c...=%22dimpled+suit%22
The Testing Times august 2009 [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 15 2010]

The Cause of Cellulite http://www.ridofcel...ulite_002_59805.jpg
From a website called ridofcellulite.com - FOOLS! [rcarty, Feb 15 2010]


       Now hold on there just a minute. These new fangled dimpled duds are done already, but your idea is called skindentation, and that's too good to let go of, so let's look at what we know here.   

       We know that making the clothes dimpled is not halfbaked enough. We know that there is a subcutaneous layer of fat in the human body. We know that sometimes it causes the skin to dimple due to a fat tissue known as cellulite. We know that people try to find ways to get rid of it. But we can be pretty certain nobody is trying to find ways to get it.   

       So what I'm saying is that your idea should be some sort of process by which olympic athletes convert their subcutaneous fat tissue into cellulite to get that amazing, performance enhancing dimpled effect. Imagine how it will change the aethetics of this common condition!   

       Subcutaneous fat is warm, apparently aerodynamic, protective of underlying musculature and a source of energy. This is perfect for winter olympic events.
rcarty, Feb 15 2010

       Egads, and swimming too!   


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