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Shoulder Shrugger Strap

the collarbone collar for compact commuting
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Do you often lie awake wondering why you don’t need an eight inch thick pillow (compressed state) to support your head while on your side? Yes, by rotating the shoulder upward on the clavicle, the head comes closer to the bed, and this same principle is utilized by the Shoulder Shrugger Strap!

Just slip on the strap and tighten it with the ratchet lever to shrug and narrow the shoulders by up to a fifth. This spells the end of crowded city sidewalks as we know them. 25% more strapped commuters can hang on subway straps than before, wide body aircraft can seat one fourth more narrow body passengers, and cars can comfortably contain more than two adults in the back, sitting or recumbent.

Imagine the savings in the sports arena as additional collarbone-collared athletes can compete in each and every track and swimming heat.

FarmerJohn, Oct 07 2003


       But how can people tell when you don't know something? Walking around in a pertetual shrug, people everywhere look like they're trying to avoid people everywhere.
phoenix, Oct 07 2003

       You could still do the palms-upward-outward-dunno-gesture or a hiya-wave, if there's room.
FarmerJohn, Oct 07 2003

       Sorry, [FJ]. I don't like this. It would cramp my style.
Jinbish, Oct 07 2003

       You could have a mechanism built into the turnstiles, using double-sided Velcro tape.
waugsqueke, Oct 07 2003


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