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Side Lobes

External Obliques Conversion
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Most people have what are commonly referred to as love handles. I don't know how they got this name, as they are not very effective for gripping unto, but they could be, if my idea is followed.

If you look at the link you will see that the ear lobes of this Masai have been extended to become elongated loops. This was achieved by years of inserting objects of increasing diameter into a hole in the earlobe, to gradually enlarge and stretch the loop. This same action is deployed in order to create the Side Lobes. To begin with small ear-rings are inserted at each side of a person's external obliques. The resulting holes are periodically stretched, until a substantial side loop is formed. This can then be left as is or fitted with decorative rubberised/leather grips.

On a particularly large person, the lobe loops are very effective as handles for turning them over if they present as a comatose patient in a hospital situation. For the fashion victim, the loops can be extended through gaps in the clothing and enhanced with items of jewellery.

Lovers or partners may want to exercise the option of daisychaining themselves together as they walk down the street. For the extreme advocate, who wants to take the idea further, there is the possibility of establishing a series of loops that circumnavigate the belly. They can then become a human life belt that can swim out to rescue drowning victims on pure impulse.

xenzag, Mar 24 2006

Masai Mara http://www.omnia.nl...0part%202%20022.jpg
Ear Loop [xenzag, Mar 24 2006]




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