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Skin embossing

Don't just tattoo it - emboss it
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Scars (especially the ones on the arm from small pox vaccines) leave a noticeable impression on the skin, and are quite permanent, barring cosmetic surgery. If there is a tool that can create scars in the form of patterns, you essentially have a 3D tattoo in relief form!

These embosses can be later tattooed to colour them.

quanta, Aug 27 2000


       In SoCal (and likely the rest of the entire world, too) this has been being done for many years already. Most tattoo/piercing salons also offer scarification - my best friend got a spider on her ankle almost 5 years ago.
Caroline Rose, Aug 27 2000

       Been done for thousands of years in some places...
StarChaser, Aug 27 2000

       Some people even get themselves BRANDED. Yeowtch!
arghblah, Apr 19 2001

       I wonder how much it'd be worth to McDonald's if I got a golden arch embossed on each buttcheek...
absterge, Apr 20 2001

       My high school boyfriend "embossed" my initials into his arm, in rather large letters. (rather dumb of him, we broke up a week later and now 13 years later he's stuck with the scars.) Quite a few people in my school "embossed" tribal or celtic patterns into their skin. Not me - ow!
Mamamoose, May 15 2003


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