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Shower Utility Belt

We laugh at communal showers arrangements, haha !
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Fitting snugly about the hips in time-honoured fashion, the SUB is a canvas web-belt upon which is hung holders and hooks for all your ablutionary needs: soap, shampoo, bodywash, razor, shaving gel, washingpouffe, iPod; and for the towel a hook and a simple plastic cover to keep it dry.

Holes are spaced every couple of inches so you can emplace the accoutrements in an appropriately feng-shui manner.

Costume shower mask sold separately.

inspired by <link>

(but dedicated to the looks I got crossing the street from a friend's house with a pool, to a house I was doing some ad hoc contracting at, dripping wet clad only in a bathing-suit, said suit concealed from view by the large circular saw I was carrying.)

FlyingToaster, Jan 06 2012

Indestructible_20Soap_20Holder [FlyingToaster, Jan 06 2012]


       How do you wash under the belt?
hippo, Jan 09 2012

       "Holy smokes, Batman, the Joker's tricked us into removing our Batbelts in his Shower Gas-chamber of Doom! What do we do now?"
"Luckily, Robin, I always include a grappling gun in my BatBathBelt. However, it looks like the Joker has been able to make a clean getaway."
RayfordSteele, Jan 09 2012

       The inside of the web-belt is padded with sponge rubber for comfort. A small bulb, contained within the belt, holds a supply of liquid soap which feeds the pad.   

       Midriff polishing is accomplished by the simple expedient of turning the belt around.   

       Really, I thought that would go without saying.
FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2012

       oh, the chaffing.
DIYMatt, Jan 09 2012

blissmiss, Jan 09 2012

       Properly cared for, canvas is immune to mold growth.
FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2012

       I imagine anything is immune to mold growth with proper care - as long as that involves daily bleaching.
DIYMatt, Jan 10 2012

       Bleaching under your belt. Need to do that :-)
blissmiss, Jan 10 2012

       Would make for interesting tan lines after awhile.
RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2012

       Ad-hoc contracting while dripping wet in a bathing suit? The mind boggles...
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 10 2012

       I don't actually remember much detail: something to do with a long-handled screwdriver as well...
FlyingToaster, Jan 11 2012

       Re grappling gun in the batbelt - I have a vision (suffer an ecstasy?) of a burly and burlesque Batman, with a Josephine Baker skirt bearing batarangs instead of bananas. As he gyrates batarangellically, he hurls batarang after batarang at various villians until the act reaches its inevitable apotheosis.
bungston, Jan 12 2012

       ^ mind if Yvonne Craig pinch hits ?
FlyingToaster, Apr 28 2012


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