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Shower drawers

A common argument resolution
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Women, even clean freaks, tend to clutter the same place in every house, the shower. I don't get why my girlfriend requires 26 (no exaggeration) bottles of shampoo and everything else. Lufa's, razors, shaving cream, brush, body wash, and other bottles balanced in every crevice. And she gets mad when I replace A bottle with my own...

Solution: Shower draws! The cabinet of which would be made watertight to the shower wall and the drawer itself would have a drain. This way storage accessible while in the shower increases exponentially!

evilpenguin, Dec 06 2007


       you can use mine <flutters lashes> not too much! <slap>
po, Dec 06 2007

       Your drawers?
phoenix, Dec 06 2007

       Gee, when I read the title I was hoping that I'd be reading about drawers in a cabinet that had small built-in showers - not the easiest thing to design. Projects of this sort were once the stuff that aspiring technical students would cobble together to demonstrate their aptitude for engineering. Alas, those days are long gone.
husband_of_bath, Dec 06 2007

       Wouldn't it be hard to remember which drawer contains which gel? And what guarantees your ownership over one of that huge amount of drawers?
sweet, Dec 09 2007

       Sounds like a great place to build a fine collection of mildew.
Eugene, Dec 09 2007

       I propose The Hanging Baskets of Bath-er-om. In addition to holding the title for worst named product ever, they offer ample storage for all your showering needs. One basket not enough? no matter, simply hook another below, rinse, repeat.
marklar, Dec 10 2007

       //Gee, when I read the title I was hoping that I'd be reading about drawers in a cabinet that had small built-in showers // I was thinking along parallel lines whereby your drawers along with all other items of clothing were self cleaning - Oh dear!
gil, Dec 10 2007

       <man solution> Just have a concealed supply of generic shampoo-conditioner-showergel type stuff and inject it directly into the shower head, thereby bypassing the need for any bottles at all. </ms>
wagster, Dec 10 2007

       Okay, so is it safe to say this is a common problem? Do the other men in the bakery have a similar situation in thier bathrooms? Just wondering...
evilpenguin, Dec 10 2007

       I feel ya EP. My girlfriend just has bunches of rubber ducks. Plus have a female room mate. Maybe it could be a hatch? Lifting up to block the shower water from getting into it with a water tight seal around the edge. Seems like it would be pretty easy to do with the molded plastic surrounds. Could even make the hatch handle match all the others. You could also just have it open like a fridge, with the drain holes instead of blocking water.
rascalraidex, Dec 10 2007

       Fair enough [custard], I like mine freshly washed and scented.
wagster, Dec 11 2007


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