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Skip Pool

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In the UK, it's not really worth having an outdoor swimming pool, since it's warm for only the summer months. And apparently some people live in houses too small to accommodate the usual indoor pool.

Dismantleable pools are all well and good, but remantling them each summer is a nuisance, as is having to store them all winter.

On a different note, I have just hired a 12 yard skip (dumpster, to those in the colonies), to dispose of various junk. The thought occurred that a large skip has the makings of a decent temporary pool.


Create a large, skip-sized moulded plastic liner. It will be contoured to provide seating (should you wish to lounge), padding around the top, and steps. It will also, of course, be watertight. These liners can be stored, nested, at a central depot.

Come summer, you just rent a skip and rent one of these liners, fill from a garden hose and - ipso aquatico! - you have a decent size pool for the kids to splash in, or the adults to sit around in.

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 21 2013


       I always assumed skips were naturally watertight.
pocmloc, Apr 21 2013

       Keep the rubbish in it, then fill it with water, chuck in a few dead animals, plus the obligatory shopping trolley, and you can pretend you are swimming around in the average UK river. Or, empty your used engine oil unto the surface, toss on a week's supply of left over plastic waste, and you can pretend you are swimming in the Pacific Ocean.   

       I'm a big fan of Skips and have used them to create many pieces of work, some of which are HB specific. A natural croissant from me.
xenzag, Apr 21 2013

       After the first paragraph I tought this was an idea to make pools more useful for skipping stones during the off season.   

       Regarding the actual idea, it seems to me that the demand for skips would be higher in the summer already, so there isn't much benefit in combining these two functions. However if you designed a standalone pool that was nestable and could be delivered using the same truck that delivers skips, that might be less of a comercial failure.
scad mientist, Apr 22 2013

       // demand for skips would be higher in the summer already// I checked with two local skip hire companies, and they both said that demand was pretty flat apart from a dip around Christmas and another dip (not rise) in August. (A third company said they can't disclose this information "because of security" - I have no idea why.)   

       A standalone pool would be another option, but the skip provides a lot of the mechanical strength needed to contain that much water safely. Either way, though, I reckon there's a market for renting biggish temporary pools; it's a question of whether it's enough of a summer market to keep the business, so to speak, afloat year-round.   

       As another option, with suitable ingenuity it should be possible to rent a coral reef or a rift- valley portion, complete with fish for your own in- garden snorkelling experience.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 22 2013

       Good idea +
leinypoo13, Apr 24 2013

       Use the same garden hose to siphon it out, later.
Ling, Apr 24 2013


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