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Singing bath

It "ohms"
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A beautifully ornamented or etched singing bowl large enough for a person to bathe in, sat upon a pedestal of open palmed hands.

Fill a large singing bowl with enough warm water,and scented oils if you wish so that you can sit or position yourself comfortably within.

Either have someone gently gong the rim with a to- scale wooden mallet tipped with cloth or suede , then slowly rub the exterior of the rim in a clockwise or anti clockwise rotation with the mallet creating a gentle hum, the vibration/reverberating will cause a gentle sparkle and rips and rings in the water similar to a spa.

Alternatively have a mechanism that could provide the circular motion,and where you can adjust the pressure of the movement.

This is after experimentation with a singing bowl with water added,also brings a whole new meaning to singing in the bath.

skinflaps, Nov 25 2002

Buddhist Singing Bowl http://www.natashas....com/html/bowl.html
One is a mere 30 feet away from where I sit... [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Tibetan singing bowls http://www.frankper...Tibetan%20Bowls.htm
just abit about them [skinflaps, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Antique Singing Bowls from Nepal http://www.paulawal...e_singing_bowls.htm
These bowls have superior tone and craftsmanship [paulawalla, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       A bath this beautifull would surely have to be built for two, or more.
Micky Dread, Nov 26 2002

       Wouldn't the naked body touching the bowl tend to dampen the ring, er, om? If you touch the bell of a glass that's ringing it cancels it almost immediately. Maybe the singing tub would need two layer construction with the outside layer, the oming layer, isolated from the inner layer. You could still add water to it to change the pitch.
bristolz, Nov 26 2002

       I placed a small pebble within the bowl with water and it made no real difference,in fact it moved slightly upwards as if floating, the bowls them selves are unique to themselves in design,i do not forsee a problem of having contact with the edge if large enough.   

       I do like the two layers though if that would work.
skinflaps, Nov 26 2002

       Are you speaking of a singing bowl as a Westerner or an Easterner? A Buddhist Singing Bowl is an entirely different proposition than what Westerners associate with singing glassware.
thumbwax, Nov 26 2002

       [thumb] i was thinking along the lines of a Tibetan singing bowl,as per your link,not crystal.
skinflaps, Nov 26 2002

       Fill bowl with resonance
empty soul of dissonance
thumbwax, Nov 26 2002

       If the water is deep enough, and contains sufficient dissolved salts, a human body should be neutrally buoyant and should therefore exert little or no contact pressure on the walls of the vessel, allowing resonance.   

       I find it hard to see myself using something like this as it is insufficiently geeky and does not involve high speed processors, robotics, Bluetooth, explosives or internal combustion engines, but a croissant anyway for an intriguing idea.   

       Zen singing bath - contains no water, and doesn't make a sound you can't hear.
8th of 7, Nov 26 2002

       Yes, but if you have a cat, you don't need a singing bath.
DrCurry, Nov 27 2002

       A singing bath cat, Sat on the singing bath mat.
Micky Dread, Nov 27 2002

       After 8th of 7 tried drowning, said singing bath cat,
TBK, Nov 28 2002


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