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The Plug Upholstery Service

aka Pimp My Plugs
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Wave goodbye to bland, same as everyone else's, electrical plugs, and let the expert designers at The Plug Upholstery Service loose on your electrical outlets, sockets and especially the plugs.

Choose from an almost limitless range of colours, fabrics, faux furs, and other finishes, all guaranteed to bring beauty and individuality to your plugs.

On special offer this month is The Mackerel - a highly realistic fish scale effect.

*Note All finishes can be extended up the electrical cord for a small additional cost.

xenzag, Mar 09 2009

This may come in handy.... http://www.exploref.../electrocution.html
....when exploring the dielectric properties of stuffed cats. [eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 16 2009]

Key Write tags http://www.key-write.com/
Shrinky dinks for your keys [goldbb, Mar 16 2009]

Natural look Vine-a-like_20power_20cords
[theleopard, Mar 17 2009]


       It's all about the extensiorizing.   

       This is ok up to a point. The point being when some idiot (like the person who owned my home before me) fits all metal socket covers and does not connect up the earth to the cover!   

       This probally breaks a million and one rules in the EU/UK as well.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 16 2009

       I had actually forgotten I had posted this!
xenzag, Mar 16 2009

       Does upholstery automatically mean cloth or leather?   

       Would plastic work?   

       How about something like Key-Write thingies? [see link]
goldbb, Mar 16 2009

       So I was at the local convenience store yesterday - and the laser hand price scanner thingie happened to be pointing at a metal-sheathed flexible cable that went from the credit card reader to the register. The moving laser light reflected off the cable in a way that made it look like there were tiny LEDs embedded in the cable. Looked pretty cool, but then I'm a sucker for little flashy lights.   

       hey - you could have *spiny* plugs for plugs that you're not supposed to disconnect (like, say, for respirators)...
smendler, Mar 17 2009

       Shag plugs!   

       NAUGAHYDE plugs!
smendler, Mar 17 2009


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