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Shrunken Santa Head

Trim the tree
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Makes a unique tree ornament! Does not actually jingle, but something in there rattles. Also available in Shrunken Elf, Shrunken Rudolf, Shrunken Frosty and Shrunken Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar.
bungston, Dec 15 2004

This would be pretty obvious, I'd think. http://www.artareas...shrunken%20head.jpg
[normzone, Jan 03 2005]

This poor fellow looks a little more like Santa. http://www.dartexch...8a8/$FILE/Head2.jpg
[normzone, Jan 03 2005]

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       St. Nick went to a shrink?
FarmerJohn, Dec 15 2004

       <rattling of chains>
reensure, Dec 16 2004

       Shrunken Frosty?
benfrost, Dec 16 2004

       I like it, kind of St. Nick meets Ol' Nick.
harderthanjesus, Dec 16 2004

       You could have a wild jungle- themed tree.
Quantum_P, Jan 03 2005

       Someday when I have the money, the time and the inclination, I want to do a different theme for each Christmas. Grip Christmas, Noir Christmas, and now Shrunken Head Christmas.
Eugene, Jan 03 2005

       So, how is one to know that the head is shrunken?
bristolz, Jan 03 2005

       / So, how is one to know that the head is shrunken? /   

       By the size. Same as any other head that you think might be shrunken.
bungston, Jan 03 2005

       Okay, so say the santa head is the size of a tree ornament... What is it that causes an observer to think that it is a shrunken head rather than one manufactured at that size to begin with?   

       Pre-shrunken jeans aren't particularly remarkable to me, either, as they look the same as regular jeans.
bristolz, Jan 03 2005

       that sounds so morbid! imagine a toddler on christmas morning waking up to find a shrunken santa head on the tree, and the screaming that would ensue. ugh...
napoleonstots, Jan 03 2005

       //So, how is one to know that the head is shrunken?// it would be incredibly wrinkly and the hat would be too big.
po, Jan 03 2005

       / that sounds so morbid! / Even if the eye and mouth stitches are made of festive tinsel suture?
bungston, Jan 03 2005

       //that sounds so morbid!// ...so, you don't reckon giving one to my three year old nephew is a good idea? Oh.
moomintroll, Jan 03 2005


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