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AIM: TheWrathOfKuhn.

[Sep 16 2002, last modified Sep 05 2005]

(+3) Ballroom Brasserie
(+11)(+11) Bequeath us this Gift, Oh God of Continuity
 Best of Singers with Bad Hearing
(+6, -2) Big-Ass Wheels on a Little-Ass Car
(+1) Bookcase Mosaic
 Bouncers in Movie Theaters
(+12, -4)(+12, -4) Breakup Initiate Finds Replacement
(+2) Camera Shock/Roll Cage
(+4, -1) Carry-All Pad
(+4) Clothing Heater
(+3) Comb/Brush with Squeegee
(+7) Create-a-(bad)Joke
(-1) Daisy-Chained E-mail
 Dirtbag Bar For Wannabes
(+1) FilmMufflers.com
 Fluffy's Flummox
 Forward/Backward Headlight Signals
 Go Kart Golf
(+4, -7) grusme cr acidnt OMG LOL ROFL
(+10)(+10) Guerilla Musicians
(+1) Guitar Room
(+1) Gutter Surfing
 Kitchen Traffic Cones
(+3) Laser Frame
(+4) Movie Bands
(-1) Movie Theater Democratic Remote Control
(+2, -5) One Online Identity
 Orbular Automobile
 Performance Crime
(+19, -2)(+19, -2) Pick Up, Your Shit Is Calling You
(+2) Progressive and Specific Away Messages
 Projected Piano Keys
(+4) Robin Hood: Crime and Punishment
(+1, -4) Robot Space Mops
(+1) Self-cocking Fedora
 Self-portrait Camera
(+1) Self-Slating DV Camera
 Short Commercials/Commercial Feedback
(+8)(+8) Sleep In Your Slicker
(+7, -2) Small Bowl In The Lid Of My Jar Of Dip
(+2) Smartass Street Signs
 Spider Table
(+1) Stake Baby Pin
 Temporary Registration
(+5, -1) The Double Down
 The Firing Guy
(+2) The Halfbakery Novel
(+5) The Independent
(+2, -1) The Real Warp Speed
 The "Sorry!" Gesture
 The Writer and his Existential Pencil
(+1) ToeStomp
(+3, -13)(+3, -13) Torture Chamber
(+1) Turn The Damn CD Over
(+4) Weighted Kilts
 Wrambo Writer

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