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Side-Mirror Wipers

Windshield Wipers For Your Side Mirror
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I think that your side mirror should have a rubber squeegee to get the rain off of it when it rains. It should come in different sizes, according to the size of your mirror. Scince this idea seemed so obvious, tell me if it is already baked, and, if so, where can I find one? I think side windows should have a wiper, too.
mastero, Jan 04 2005

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       There have been times when I would have this would have been useful, such as when stopped at a traffic signal while it was snowing and there was a tailwind, but generally if a side mirror is cleared before starting a car it will remain so.   

       The window wiper might be more useful, since there are definitely times in a crosswind rain or snow when the window can become too thoroughly obscured for it or the corresponding mirror to be very usable.
supercat, Jan 06 2005

       On 'Tommorrows World', a now defunct techonology program on the BBC they once demonstrated a mirror that span on its normal axis, i.e the one pointing straight out, thus removing all the rain to the edge and keeping the mirror clear   

       It seemed quite effective but obviously there isn't a market for them
rambling_sid, Jan 06 2005

       I don't think the rampant annotation deleting was really necessary, but thanks for clarifying your idea. [+]
contracts, Jan 06 2005

       Objects In Mirror Are Drier Than They Appear
FarmerJohn, Jan 06 2005

       Just get a trucker mirror. The big rigs have heated side mirrors.
entremanure, Jan 08 2005

       Applying a product like Rain-X to a mirror keeps everything from sticking to it. On windshields it tends to streak if you use your wipers, but water beads right off and it lasts a long time.
Giblet, Jan 09 2005


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