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Side content for movies

Content to go along with movies
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People are no longer tolerant of just sitting down to focus on watching a movie on a streaming service. They want something else going on to keep their busy minds occupied to keep anxiety from taking over their psyche. Likewise, people are becoming more passive in their exploration of available information (e.g. Reddit and Facebook just presenting a feed of increasingly random and useless crap). The environment is ripe for another mode of jamming even more information into people. This we bring you "stuff to watch on your side screen while you are watching the movie". This would be tailored content to go along with particular movies at the right points in the film when you need more more more. So during a quiet scene in a romantic comedy, maybe you need some info about birth control or male enhancement. Maybe during a break in the killing in a war film you need info on all the tanks from that era. And the obvious extension of this will be a third screen where you can browse for crap even more when two streams of crap becomes boring.
Quispy, Jun 18 2019

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       // Maybe during a break in the killing in a war film //   

       If there isn't continuous wall-to-wall gratuitous slaughter, the script needs a re-write.   

       // you need info on all the tanks from that era. //   

       Unlikely, as this is information you already know, and furthermore are compelled to share with those around you. But a more anally-retentive data feed (For example highlighting the inconsistent unit insignia on the uniforms in Saving Private Ryan, or the Fallschirmjäger having the wrong sort of Mauser Kar98 in Valkyrie) would be appreciated by the true anorak-wearer.
8th of 7, Jun 18 2019

calum, Jun 18 2019

       :'D - Giving my vote a face
pashute, Jun 19 2019

       Screen Private Ryan's Savings, to promote thrift?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 19 2019


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