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The Mekon Delta

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Or a re-imagining of the Vietnam war, but with Vietnam having fallen to the Crown, not those damn Frenchies.

Dan Dare, Digby and the hot babe Professor Peabody, struggle against the green hordes of the Mekon, and the pernicious influence of his little green book...

The Tet offensive, but with flying saucers, fighting stops for tiffin of course.

Dan standing majestically saying "I love the smell of burning Treen in the morning, it smells like...burning Treen"

Watch as Dan struggles with the ethical dilemma of needing to deprive the enemy of cover, but worrying about the consequences of using Agent Green...

The last rocket out of the British embassy in Saigon...that kind of stuff.

Royalties cheques to the usual address

not_morrison_rm, Dec 18 2013

Who? http://www.dandare.org/dan/cast/cast.htm
Dan and Professor Peabody Not the dog, Mr. Peabody [popbottle, Dec 24 2013]


       This is actually really good. I think it's hard to add to or comment upon or maybe attention was taken from it by other ideas, but I for one like it and I just wanted you to know that.
nineteenthly, Dec 24 2013

       I'm touched.   

       People have been saying it for years, so it must be true..
not_morrison_rm, Dec 24 2013


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