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Sidewalk Encounter Protocol

Stops that embarassing dance of avoidance.
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You've all done it. To avoid a collision with someone walking towards you, you zig north, but the other person has already zigged there, so you zag, as does the other person to avoid your zig...

Easily solved with the Sidewalk Encounter Protocol. Zig to the right. Always. If everyone does it, never a problem. Ever. (OK, you silly Monty Python Commonweath-types can be perverse and zag to the left, but be prepared to run into a lot of fat zigging Yank tourists.)

NB: any AYB references wil be deleted. Cheers.

rmutt, Apr 13 2001


       Does anyone else remember a "Meaning of Liff" entry that gave this phenomenon a name?
jutta, Apr 14 2001

       I think this idea should be expanded to a complete manual for Walking Protocol. I feel that not enough people are concious about their walking habits. Will include the difference between walking alone vs. walking with someone vs. walking with groups of people. Etiquette on how to handle narrow walks, when it is ok to cut someone off, making wide turns when walking with a friend. Chapters on negotiating crowds. Use of Diagonal lines for efficient travel.
blahginger, Apr 15 2001


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