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Station runways

A fast lane to make running for trains less hazardous
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When running for a train at busy major stations, everyone seems to be in your way. You have to dodge and weave around people who are standing waiting or walking in various directions. It is stressful when you are already worried about missing the train. The danger causing injury or inconvenience through colliding with someone is high too.

There should be a fast lane at such stations. A 'runway' should be painted on the floor running the length of the concourse, in front of all the platform entrances. People standing waiting must keep off of the runway. This means that people can dash along the along it to catch their train, instead of trying to get pass everyone. There would be a lane for each direction and places where people are especially likely to cross them could be highlighted. This builds on the Traffic rules for humans idea already on halfbakery.

acemcbuller, Jul 25 2008


       It sounds like your taking the fun out of major cities like New York! If people keep moving in your way, just yell “stop or I’ll shoot!” That will buy you seconds anywhere it’s crowded. Just be careful in the US. They may all have guns and shoot first, as a pre-emptive strike.
CwP, Jul 27 2008

       Until grandpa decides that he needs to make the 9:05 and hustles into the "fast lane" (with his left turn signal on).
WcW, Jul 27 2008

       [Cwp] - or "I'm going to throw up!"   

       These are needed within 1/2 block of all bus stops, too. The bus driver can check if anyone's running in the "running zone" and help judge whether to pull over.
phundug, Jul 27 2008


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