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Sight-free texting on iPhone

A method to txt on an iPhone without needing to look at it.
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Step 1. User swips thumb/finger across face Step 2. User taps for "center" Step 3. User taps as if texting.

Software looks at relative position of thumb presses to determine key presses.

I imagine a practiced txt-er would be pretty "close" most of the time and the relative positions would be easy.

Plus, you can add auditory feedback via voice or tone - and a gesture to "wipe" the last letter by dragging the finger if you misjudged the distance.

Also - a gesture that tells it the next tap is a re-center.

bigattichouse, Nov 06 2007

Textoholics UK http://news.bbc.co....hnology/7075005.stm
[xenzag, Nov 07 2007]

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       Yea, or just buy the one from verizon that actually has a QWERTY keyboard built-in. (It runs windows CE, but this isn't an anti-mac rant)
evilpenguin, Nov 06 2007

       I, personally, don't text. The idea came from griping I overhead from someone with the spare cash to blow on a phone.
bigattichouse, Nov 07 2007

       Text is the biz - over a billion text messages sent each week in UK !
xenzag, Nov 07 2007

       "I, personally, don't text." Yeh, and I have never masturbated.
4whom, Nov 07 2007

       I don't have a mobile phone.
lostdog, Nov 07 2007


       I want to see text messaging done by voice input. You've got a device capable of doing both already. Add voice recognition software and there you go.
Noexit, Nov 07 2007

       //text messaging done by voice input//
Sort of defeats the purpose (but only sort of; there's still the 'read the message and reply when you feel like it' factor).

       <rant> Personally, I think the iphone is just a big advertising success (as with many Mac gadgets). Small is good, but for what it does/can do, it's almost too small. And it's hardly revolutionary - it's only slightly more advanced than my 3 year old HTC Harrier (not to mention the even older Palm Treo range). Mostly it's just cool gimmicks. </rant - sorry>
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 07 2007

       4whom, no cell phone = no txt. I don't even keep IM open on my 'puter.
bigattichouse, Nov 09 2007


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