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Feed your darkest cruelest animal desires
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Play the ultimate boss you've always longed to be. Be as bad and sadistic as you want.

You start off with an office and a crew of 'slaves' working for you and your job is to cause as much misery as possible (measured by Misery Points). If you do well, management is impressed and sends you more fresh recruits for grinding.

You'll earn extra bonus points for being biased, unreasonable, merciless, conniving, selfish. In the most challenging difficulty setting, you start off as a pig overseeing humans who are superior to you in every way.

baboo, Apr 02 2002


       Smells like one of Dilbert's Desktop Games.
thumbwax, Apr 02 2002

       Hmm... now this sounds like something I would part with cash for...   

       (No, I'm not controlling, whatever gave you that idea?)   

       There would have to be promotions though - perhaps you could be a boss of "lower" bosses, where you must ensure that they treat their employees with the same level of respect (lack there of) that you do?
pftqg, Apr 02 2002

       Of course I understand that this is humor, but just for the part that's not, you should know that in the real world, the "longing" to use authority as a vehicle for victimizing others is one of the things most certain to prevent you from ever being granted real authority.
beauxeault, Apr 02 2002

       i love the idea... i wanna play..
downwitdaclown99, Jul 31 2004

       This gets my vote!
DesertFox, Jul 31 2004

Quadrax, Jun 23 2005

       Do you get points for discrimination ?
~Cod Commando~, Jun 23 2005


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