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Sphere Virtualization

Ball on wheels virtualization - a cheaper alternative with a wider range of motion.
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Most virtualization devices that also include g-forces by xyz movement have either a limited range of motion (no doughnuts) or are prohibitively expensive (large robotic arms). This idea is for a sphere-shaped device in which a user would enter, it would close completely, and would be placed into a harness, or pit, that has actuated wheels that turn on a dime, rotating the sphere in any direction. It could do doughnuts all it wants, and would not need any expensive robotic arms or pistons. Inside of the sphere would be a cocpit type of setup, which will allow the sphere to maintain a proper center of gravity. A projector would create an image on a large area on the inside of the sphere, eminating from just above the user's head, staying out of the way. This idea has many applications, but mostly in military training, and then within carnivals as a ride.
twitch, Sep 20 2010

Magnetic G-Suit Magnetic_20G-Suit
A suitable G-suit for Sphere Virtualization [ixnaum, Sep 22 2010]

VirtuSphere http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VirtuSphere
[xaviergisz, Sep 23 2010]

CyberSphere http://www.spacedai...ews/future-00m.html
I remember it being a bit different to the one in the link, but close enough. [neutrinos_shadow, Sep 23 2010]

Image illustration http://img685.image...evirtualization.jpg
[ixnaum, Sep 26 2010]


       Something like a giant trackball? Could work...
Boomershine, Sep 21 2010

       Military training? For what? Zorb attacks?
infidel, Sep 21 2010

       Yes like a giant trackball! With you inside of it, and a project screen inside of it. I feel like a horrible explainer of things.
twitch, Sep 22 2010

       //I feel like a horrible explainer of things.//   

       Your feelings may be perfectly justified. Perhaps you could ask other people if they feel the same way about your explanatory skills?
infidel, Sep 22 2010

       They might well be justified, but a good share of the ideas posted here get explained, refined, and improved by the annotations...at least for me, they do. I can barely get through some of the ideas themselves. But, that's just me...
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       This is absolutely brilliant! Can't believe this isn't baked already. It's by far the most flexible, realistic and easiest virtual reality environment. I'd love to do a loop in a flight sim in one of these. The sensation would be absolutely authentic besides the G-force. ... if I could give it 10 croissants I would. ... I want it now :'-( .. not later
ixnaum, Sep 22 2010

       Thinking about it more, even g-force could be simulated somewhat. Let's say you are pulling up from a steep dive. Normally in this contraption you would not feel many Gs at all - compared to 4G or more normally. But since you are strapped in, you could wear additional "G straps". These straps could get tighter for +Gs and loose for -Gs. It would not be precise, but close enough. Another way to simulate it is to wear a "G simulation suit". It would just be a suit with mercury pockets (some liquid heavier than plain water). For positive Gs the water pockets would fill with the liquid increasing your weight by a factor of up to 3x. How about negative Gs? Well, let's say the pockets have capacity of 100 kg. Just start at 25 kg full which will be your 1G. Then there is something something to empty when you hit 0, -1 or -2 Gs. Again not, the exact sensation, but close enough.
ixnaum, Sep 22 2010

       //This is absolutely brilliant!//   

       Well, there you go, [twitch]. 1 for 15.
Boomershine, Sep 22 2010

       I have more thoughts on those G suits suitable to make this rock ... but instead of posting here I split off into my own idea ... see link
ixnaum, Sep 22 2010

       This is the only idea out of the 15 that I pulled out of my list of Other ideas, not originally meant for HB.
twitch, Sep 22 2010

       ... so bring out the other ones ... this was a great one
ixnaum, Sep 23 2010

       There's the VirtuSphere ([xaviergisz]'s link) and the CyberSphere (my link) that are for walking, not 'riding' in. In the VirtuSphere, you wear a VR headset (ugh..) with the sphere providing the physical bit; whereas the CyberSphere has the images projected onto the outside (translucent sphere) which I reckon is better. With the thinner/lighter/better progression of display technology (e-paper and flexible-polymer-type in particular), the display could be built into the sphere itself, along with processors, sensors, etc.
I'm sure we've discussed sphere I/O stuff around here before, but I can't find it (not that I looked very hard...).
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 23 2010

       ya, I know about this virtusphere and cybersphere .. good idea for walking. But sphere virtualization can't be beat to simulating anything that you sit in ...
ixnaum, Sep 23 2010

       hamster wheel for soldiers? bun!
Voice, Sep 24 2010

       Actually, a hamster wheel for soldiers doesn't sound like a bad implementation...
twitch, Sep 24 2010

       Darned clever. So you'd link the projection of a virtual 3d world to attitude, location and speed information from the vehicle and match it I assume? So if the thing went down a ramp, the projection would be of you diving off a cliff or something? Or if you accelerated the scene would show must faster acceleration to enhance the effect. So you'd floor the pedal on your little go cart and it would show something like the jump to light speed in Star Wars around you. I assume you'd have it rolling around going up and down in the real world in a little obstacle course and having the projection intensify the sensation like in a flight simulator.   

       Not 100% sure that's what you're talking about but if it is it's brilliant.
doctorremulac3, Sep 26 2010

       OKAY, from now on, I'm including concept pictures for my ideas!   

       Obviously, I am not known for my explanatory skills (or lack thereof).
twitch, Sep 26 2010

       I'm a big fan so I'm contributing my illustration of what it might look like ... my drawing skills are lacking .. but hey, that's what you get for free. Normally I would not volunteer as I've been told my illustrations hurt my ides, but in this case I can't see that I could do any more damage.
ixnaum, Sep 26 2010

       Oh. Hmm.   

       Liked what I thought it was a lot better. So it's a virtual world or flight simulator that turns 360 degrees in any direction? Yea, the rollers are a pretty good way to get that done. Clever enough. I'll leave the bun.   

       Still like the virtual world encased go cart ride better. Wonder if that counts as an original idea. Guess it is since it wasn't ever thought of before.
doctorremulac3, Sep 26 2010

       //virtual world encased go cart ride better//   

       Same thing ... plane,boat, car, go cart ...anything that you strap your self into will work... just change the cockpit and you are set. Also, why not make the sphere semi-transparent and that way you can project the scenery 360degrees around from the outside instead of on a screen in front ... this idea is just getting better and better
ixnaum, Sep 26 2010

       Don't take away buns from this because of my illustration .. it's meant to bring more buns ... sorry [twitch]
ixnaum, Sep 26 2010

       No bun retention from me ix. Your drawing was a good thing.
doctorremulac3, Sep 26 2010


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