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Simulated Rain Storm Golf

extreme golf made for tv
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i think that golf is the most boring sport to watch and having tried to play one of the most challenging

Simulated Rain Storm Golf is a new version of the sport made for TV. a computer controls the weather around the players. weather scenarios are pulled up randomly in the same way an i pod shuffles music. opportunity exists for intense hail, torrent rain storms, high winds and lightning.

the variable extreme weather would create a new industry of sport gear designed to counter the effects of the conditions.

vfrackis, Jun 21 2009


       Forest-fire-fighting aircraft fly over and drop water every so often, while large fans simulate winds.   

       Custard rain would be doable and appreciated by the studio audience.
sninctown, Jun 22 2009

       [vfrackis], I am assuming that you are over the pond from us. If you were to pick your date correctly you could experience all this for real on the East Coast of Scotland at a variety of courses.
gnomethang, Jun 22 2009

       I like this.
Viewers could vote on what they wanted and a team of ninja SFX operators would arrange the appropriate conditions.
I think I'd just keep the "Tesla coil lightning strike" voting button taped down.
coprocephalous, Jun 22 2009

       this would be outdoors, think movie set over each players ball, giant fans, rain machines, Tesla coil etc.. computer control not magic.   

       Custard Rain I like that too the more difficult the better.   

       Scotland as the venue would lend credibility
vfrackis, Jun 22 2009

       // Scotland as the venue would lend credibility //   

       Porridge traps instead of sand traps ...... [+].   

       Can paintball be worked into this idea somewhere ?
8th of 7, Jun 22 2009

       Paintball + Golf = Paint Bolf. Someone quick map out the rules.
swimswim, Jun 22 2009


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