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Team Golf

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Okay, so golf is a bit dull[1].

I propose a version with aspects of golf, cross-country running, American Football, (and optionally, rollerball in the contact variant).

Games are played sequentially on the same course of 18 holes by teams of players. Team A has a go on the first 9 while team B plays the second 9, then after a break, vice-versa.

The objective is to get a certain proportion (say, 80%) of a set number of balls (say, 100) round the entire course in some function of minimum time and strokes.
There are no restrictions on who is allowed to do what, but I would expect a variety of specialised roles to emerge.

Equipment: balls; probably a bit larger and heavier than golf-balls, and one or more clubs for each player. Clubs contain motion and impact sensors to validate strokes taken. The course would need to be a bit more hard-wearing than a standard course, but it can be a bit more compact. As it represents a significant hazard, there's much less rough[2], and it's of sturdy, man-made material[3]. Body and head protection may be desirable for some team members.

The entire team starts off behind hole 1 (or 10). The whackers (players who can hit the ball the most distance) begin clobbering balls up-range, while everyone else runs to their positions. Spotters look for errant balls in the rough, rangers get balls onto the green and putters try to get balls down the hole. Since playing on to the next hole is continuous, team communication and keeping track of how many balls have progressed is important. Each hole does report the number of balls it has received on a display.

Any documented cheating forfeits the game. Both teams can lose in this manner.

In the contact version, both teams play on the same set of holes simultaneously. Hitting each other with clubs is frowned on, as is hitting balls at any players at or behind the tee.

Actually, no forget it, it'd probably still be a bit boring to watch.

[1] "A good walk, ruined."
[2] Essentially, 'rough' takes on some of the characteristics of bunkers. Although sand-filled bunkers could also exist.
[3] If this were not the case, it would be stamped flat very quickly.

Loris, Jul 27 2012


       Anything that turns golf into a competitive sport can only help.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 27 2012

       //Essentially, 'rough' takes on some of the characteristics of bunkers. Although sand-filled bunkers could also exist.//   

       You'd get my bun if they were quicksand bunkers...   

       And do I even need to mention gator-laden water hazards?   

       <in his best golf announcer's voice>Oh my, Jim. It looks like his approach shot has landed on an old log in the pond. No, wait! That's not a log, it's a gator, and it has grabbed onto the caddy's leg!<ihbgav>
Canuck, Jul 27 2012

       Bun. You had us at 'rollerball' …   

       Actually, we would bun pretty much any idea that held out the prospect of reducing the number of card-carrying golfers, particularly if it involved them suffering a slow, humiliating and hideously painful death.
8th of 7, Jul 27 2012


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