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Single Hand, Dual Scissors

one hand enters, two scissors cut
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Single Hand, Dual Scissors is an instrument used to convert larger sizes of paper into A4 sizes.

It consists of two parallel pairs of scissor blades separated by a horizontal bar, that allows them to be positioned either 210mm, or 297mm apart, locking into place at either setting.

The scissors are connected via a complex system of levers that terminate in the usual set of two holes for a finger and thumb, meaning that both sets of blades are operated by one hand.

Now when you need some A4 paper and you only have a large sheet, you simply make a series of cuts with the scissors set at one size, then make a second set of cuts with the other setting selected - result sheets of A4 paper.

xenzag, Feb 08 2019

Lakeland Dual-Blade Salad Scissors https://lakelandcam...Camel/72396_1?$800$
[not_morrison_rm, Feb 08 2019]

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       //sheets of A4 paper// Or a set of rhomboids.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 08 2019

       Truly, how has the human race managed without this invention?   

       Did do a trawl on other 2 cuts devices, and the Lakeland Dual-Blade Salad Scissors look like a Amazonian bird with an escalator on its back. [+] Link.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 08 2019


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